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Green Tea Health Benefits
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In the last few years, Green tea has become an popular drink around the globe. The major reason for it is popularity is that it is amazingly beneficial for your health. Drinking two cups everyday can get you moving towards a healthier life. Lets discuss the top five health related reasons to drink it on regular basis.

Cures Cancer: It helps to cure cancer & also reduce the risks of introduction to cancel cells in the body. Green Tea contains antioxidant which according to a research is 95 times more effective than vitamin-C & 30 times better than vitamin-E. That is the way it protects your cells from damaging.

Cures Heart Disease: It also helps in lowering the cholesterol level which automatically prevents heart diseases & strokes. Even if you have experience a stroke, green tea speeds up the recovery method & prevents the cell deaths.

Anti-aging: There is an antioxidant known as Polyphenols which works against Aging. Green tea is of those natural elements which contains the highest amount of Polyphenols. It is a often known fact that green tea is anti-aging. Nowadays people spend large bucks to buy those creams that claims to contain this plant. So why not drink it in lieu of applying it on your face. A glass of green tea would surely be a more sensible choice than a tube of cream.

For Your Skin: I have already discussed about the anti-aging benefit of drinking green tea. Categorized under Skin-Care, Anti-aging is not the only benefit, there's much more. It also removes wrinkles & protects your skin against sun rays & dust. Any undesirable fat or a bad hygiene could cause skin issues but this magical tea purifies those types of fat & helps your skin.

Helps In Losing Weight: Now this is of the largest reason behind the usage of this item. There's millions of people around the globe worried about their weight & looking up for tips to reduce it. Fortunately green tea is a nice choice for all of you. It boosts up your metabolism rate naturally & also burns undesirable fat from your body.

Keep yourself away from all those weight losing supplements & overcome your worries while enjoying a sip of Green Tea

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Posted By: Priya Jain
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