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How to treat and get relief from Migraines
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Migraines are occasionally occurring throbbing kind of pain in the head that generally affects one side of the head and as a result the person experiences severe pain in the head which sometimes are almost unbearable. It is accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. There are no permanent cure of migraines although now migraine surgeries are being done with good results. There are also some simple remedies that can easily be carried out at home with the common drugs and medicines that we can find around us and they are easily affordable.

1. Breathing technique: Practicing Anulom Vilom or alternate nostril breathing exercise using diaphragmatic breathing in such a way that you breathe in to the count of four, hold for the count of four, and release in the count of eight through the alternate nose. Repeat it 10-15 times to get relief.

2. Sometimes if you rub ice on your neck and forehead, you will get relief. Else get a wet towel, keep it in freeze and when it is cold place it on your heads, eyes and neck.

3. Avoid spicy, oily foods and also stay away from Red meat like beef etc which triggers migraines.

4. Salt consumption or bathing with Epsom salts is also helpful as salty food is known to relief migraines.

6. Lie down in savasana in a cool and dark room and ask somebody to massage your head and eyes in a for about ten minutes

7. You can take Tang Kuei Four Combination - tea that comes in a powder or capsule form, take it with

8. Computer posture correction: Always make sure you sit back preferably on a back support while working on your computer, take breaks and relax; adjust the height and tilt of your monitor, as well as its brightness and contrast. It works to restore proper functions to your joints and muscles thereby relieving your migraines.

9. You can use chiropractic care technique to control and kill migraines. A chiropractor adjusts your joints to restore proper alignments to your bones as misaligned bones can put pressure on nerves and that can trigger your migraine headache. This is also a wonderful technique with so many evidence.

10. Take potassium supplements or eat food that contains it. Potassium is a good remedy of migraines.

11. Another technique that has also worked for some persons is to lie in a dark, cool and quiet room, place a banana peel on your forehead, close your eyes and within minutes you will start to feel the pressure and pains of migraine headache diminishing, as banana contains potassium.

12. Applying of peppermint oil or any peppermint lotion on the temples, head, neck and anywhere that there is tension on your body also works great deal and is also known to bring great relief to migraine headache.

These are few among simple alternative cures to migraine headaches; any of these cures could solve your frequent migraine headache issues. There's also natural migraine treatments and also migraine medications that also work. You might require to research further or make feasible consultations to discover what actually works for you and stick to it. Above all, always consult a qualified health consultant before applying any migraine treatment.

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Posted By: Sanjay Roy
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