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Question : Sir, I am 44yrs, want to take Hepatitis-B vaccination for precautionary measure, can i take it? b`coz, i had suffered

In Details : from Jaundice twice, 1st- 1987, 2nd-1997, and recently did a pathological test for Hepatitis-B test and the result is Non-Reactive.

2044 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Yes you can take Hepatitis-B vaccination for precaution.

Adults at increased risk of acquiring HBV infection should make sure they are vaccinated against Hep B. This includes people who:

Have multiple sex partners
Have a sexually transmitted disease (STD)
Are men who have sexual contact with other men
Inject drugs or share needles, syringes, or other drug equipment
Live with someone who has chronic Hep B
Are exposed to blood on the job
Are hemodialysis patients
Travel to countries with moderate to high rates of Hep B

If you don`t fall into any of these categories but want to make sure you help protect yourself from HBV infection, you can also get vaccinated.
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