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Question : What To Do When Sinus Medications Are Not Effective ?

In Details : Manas sarkar

2238 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Have you ever felt that the medication that you are taking for your sinus infection is not having any effect? Many people might have taken a number of medications that had not done any good for them. Effective Sinus Home Remedies Since many ages our ancestors have been using simple techniques that have shown great effectiveness in curing sinus infection. These methods are easy, and donot cost much. These simple home remedies include hot baths, steam showers, herbal compresses, drinking tea and aromatherapy, among others. Acupuncture has also shown some application in providing relief from sinus conditions. For people who are looking for an easy way, there are a number of decongestants and painkillers that can provide relief from the symptoms. Antibiotics are also used to treat sinus infections caused by bacteria. However, after trying out all these cures, many people often find that they are not getting complete relief from the infection and that after a short respite the symptoms come back up again. This is mainly because sometimes the treatment is not aimed at the root cause of the infection, but instead only aims to provide relief from the symptoms. A treatment that will address the main cause of the infection will be better able to treat the problem. Nowadays, a number of newer technologies and treatment procedures are coming up that provide new avenues for the treatment of sinus symptoms. Yoga has proved to cure sinus problems. You can take expert advise from a Yoga master to understand which Yoga postures or Pranayamas can be helpful for healing Sinus infections. Another is aerosolized therapy. This has shown great application in the healing and treatment of sinusitis, for both chronic and acute varieties. This technology releases tiny particles of medicine into the sinus openings, which provide relief to the patient. Liquid medicines are made into aerosol form to provide easy treatment. This method is quite safe and effective. So if you are not getting relief, then use a different method of treatment and see if that works for you.
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