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Question : m 25 years old. I had an unprotected intercourse with my boy friend in april 1st week

In Details : I. I took an i pill because those are unsafe days? As my date is on 18th April. I got my date usually in April but with very light bleeding. Again we have unprotected intercourse on may 17th thinking those are safe days as my date is on may 18th. But to my horror i missed my dates. I took home pregnancy test on 23rd and 27th and 31st of may which showed negative. Today is June 1st still my periods are due.. I m suffering with severe head ache back ache and mood swings because of this.. Am i pregnant ? should i consult a doctor or my periods irregularized because of the ipill i took in april? help me out..

1961 days ago       1 Answer(s)

In case of regular cycle ie 28 or 30 days cycle middle 10 days are usually un-safe for unprotected sex but this is not applicable in case of irregular cycle .Egg or ovum are available during that mid 10 days .Unprotected sex during that period is risky and if you do not like to have a pregnancy I.Pill should be taken within 72 hrs of the act .Irregular taking of I.Pill which contain higher dose of sex hormones will cause the same problems which you are facing now But don`t worry wait for some times (2 to 3 weeks) and your period will be started
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