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Question : My mother whose age is approx 82 years has been diagnosed with Diffuse cerebral atrophy.

In Details : The main problem with her is that she visits the bathroom atleast 30 times a day . Most of the time it is just for nothing. She feels that she must visit or else she shall spoil her clothes other than this she has no other problems. T he Dr has prescribed- DONEP 5MG,PACININE 2MG,OLIZAR 2.5 MG,RIVOTIL 0.50MG & FLUDAC 10MG. The result has not been that encouraging.

2201 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Diffuse cerebral atrophy is a radiological finding not the disease. It may be the finding of Dementia or age related atrophy. She may have the symptoms of forgetfulness.It is very difficult to diagnose without visiting the patient but one of the possibility is Dementia with behaviour disorder.U r much more concerned with the behavioural symptoms. Along with that ur mother is having behaviour problems which is secondary to disease process. Both the behavioural problems along with the disease process to be taken care of.
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