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Question : when should i take tetanus toxoid during my pregnancy. now i am 10 weeks 6 days pregnant?

In Details : i am 10 weeks 6 days pregnant.

2093 days ago       1 Answer(s)

If you have not received the full primary series of tetanus vaccine immunization i.e. of 3 doses in infancy, 4th at 4-7 years and 5th around 7-12 years of age, then you need to take 3 doses- starting at first visit (anytime in pregnancy), 2nd injection is given 4 weeks after 1st and 3rd injection 6 months after 2nd injection. The 4th and 5th injections are administered at 1 yearly interval, thereafter (after pregnancy), to complete the course. However, if you have received the full primary vaccination, but have not received the booster dose within last 10 years, you need to take 2 injections one at first visit, and second one 4 weeks later. If she has received the booster within last 10 years, then you need to take only one injection.

I hope the answer helps.
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