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Question : My 16 year old boy just started smoking. How do I stop him?

In Details : My 16 year old boy just started smoking. We discovered this accidentally when we found a pack of cigarettes under his study desk and also the smell of cigarettes in his bathroom. My husband smokes cigarettes at work and home and I donot want my child to pick up the same habit. Pls help how to make him stop. I got very angry and shouted a lot at him.

2093 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Each parent have different strategies in handling such situations. You should get friendly with him and make him understand the perils of cigarette smoking and the health hazards associated with it. Find out how many he smokes per day or has he just started. If he has already become true nicotine addict then nicotine replacement like Nicorette can help. If this an issue of rebellion, set ground rules that there is no tobacco in the home. And if your husband smokes then set a good example and ask him to stop also. Getting angry with the child may only aggravate the situation. Also there are some supplements to stop smoking which when added with food can cause him to avert smoking but not sure how effective those are. Regular counseling could also help.
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