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Question : will neem leaf paste cure allergies and fungus??

In Details : I"m suffering from itching and rashes side by side below pennis.....will neem leaf paste helps to cure???/im sufferinf from past 1 year....please advice me avoid that disease....my age is 19

1991 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Yes, Neem paste will definitely help as the neem leaves have antibiotic properties. Also some other suggestions are given below.

Apply a small amount of olive oil directly to the affected area. This will penetrate into the skin and help in healing.

Aloe vera gel is one of the best natural cures for skin rashes and it help soothe a variety of inflammatory skin conditions.

You can also apply vitamin E oil to skin rash. Cut open a vitamin E capsule, extract the oil and apply it over the affected area.

Consume plenty vitamin C. It works as an antioxidant and promotes quick healing of the rash.

Avoid using chemical based soaps on the affected skin. Use herbal cleansers instead.
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