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Question : How can we maintain Good Health?

In Details : How can we maintain Good Health? Please advice.

2271 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Thanks for asking the question. Here are some points about how you can maintain good health 1. Have proper food habits and exercise. Stop being lazy or lethargic. Work hard, both physically and mentally to be fit and healthy. Exercise and eating healthy foods is essential to promote a healthy body. 2. Avoid junk foods which make us lethargic and dull. 3. Consume a healthy diet, such as vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, lean meat. Don`t forget to intake 8 glasses of liquid. Take minerals and vitamins supplement and get some healthy recipes that you prefer. Take some healthy snacks between meals. Avoid refined and junk foods. Try to avoid smoking and heavy alcoholic drinks, moderate alcoholic drinking will benefit you. 4. Exercise 30 minutes 5 days a week. Exercising in the morning can leave you with a refreshed feeling throughout the day and can put you in a good mental health and it will be easier for you to think positively and generate a better appetite. 5. Realize that positive thinking is very essential in order to be healthy. Clear out your mind of all negative thoughts and fill it with positive ones.
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