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Question : Please give me some information about "Acute Renal Failure".

In Details : Is there any hope for a patient if his Creatinine level reaches 2. 9 and his daily urine output comes down to only 200 ml per day?

2182 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Acute Renal Failure (ARF) is the sudden loss of kidney function. It occurs when the kidneys stop working over a period of hours, days, or in some cases, weeks. The kidneys need to carry out the crucial task of filtering body waste and maintaining electrolyte levels in the blood. Malfunction of the kidneys could lead to accumulation of waste products, fluids, and electrolytes in the body, which could gravely endanger life. Acute Renal Failure is also referred clinically as, a sharp increase of the serum creatinine level from baseline (i.e., an increase of at least 0.5 mg/dl) and the urine output is less than 400 ml per day (oliguria), so for a patient with 200 ml urine output immediate medical intervention is a must.
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