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Question : digestion is not well . i always feel gas and not feeling hungry well. suugest diet.

In Details : i am working in office siting continously 8 to 10hrs.

1933 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Please note the top remedies for gas and bloating

1. Fennel (Souf): Chew fennel seeds or crush the seeds and add boiling water to it. The compounds in these seeds relax muscles in your digestive tract and allow trapped gas to pass.

2. Ginger. Drinking ginger tea and eating fresh ginger root are two superior remedies for gas. Add small amounts of ginger to your food, as desired. You can also take a teaspoon of fresh grated ginger before meals for gas relief.

3. Caraway Seeds. Try adding caraway seed spice to more of your meals, especially if the foods are known to cause gas. Caraway seeds ease gas, indigestion and cramping, as well as stimulate proper digestion.

4. Garlic. The hot garlic bulb is another good home remedy for gas. Garlic helps stimulate digestion. For best results, use fresh garlic. Having a bulb of fresh raw garlic everyday morning also helps to fight heart diseases and certain forms of cancer.

5. Hot Water- Instead of taking cold water start drinking lukewarm to hot water which will prevent formation of gas and bloating

6. Exercise- Do some physical exercise everyday in the morning for 30 mins, be it walking, jogging, or yoga. All of them stimulates the intestinal muscles and helps you to digest better. This is the best way to drive away gas and increase your apetite.

7. Drink more water or eat more fruit filled with water like watermelons or oranges, eat with your mouth closed, and eat foods that are rich with fiber for ex. oat bran, nuts and potassium ex. bananas, wholemeal pasta.

8. Eat a healthy breakfast, and never skip that.

9. Squeeze a lemon in a glass full of lukewarm water and drink that in empty stomach. This will help to clear your intestinal tract and drive away all the toxins.

I hope the answer helps.

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