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Question : Problem is related to my periods please help me out doctor i am suffering alot of pain not able to move or work

In Details : During my periods there is high flow and its paining me in my stomach, back, lower back and legs....a doctor prescribed me a medicin that is first one is Sylate 250mg and a pain killar for emergency Mestal-STAS but there is no relief after having this n i am suffering from pain alot please see if u can help me out i am not able to move or walk just because of pain

2052 days ago       1 Answer(s)

This is called high-flow priapism also called Dysmenorrhea.
A pelvic examination is needed to rule out your problem. Normally many female are suffering from this sort of problem. If there are any infection then antibiotics or surgery needed to remove fibriods. You can take Ibuprofen for relief of pain. Take plenty of water to avoid clotting/also take your food in time/avoid outside and spicy food. It is better to consult with a good Gynecologist regarding your problem.

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