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Question : What are the healthy cooking oils?

In Details : Can you please guide us what are the healthy cooking oils. We used mustard oil till date but looking for better options

1971 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Some of the healthy cooking oils are extra virgin Olive oil, also pomace olive oild, canola oil,peanut oil,sunflower oil,soybean oil,flaxseed oil,corn oil,avacado oil Almond oil,hazelnut oil,grapeseed oil,sesame oil and walnut oil.

Try to avoid these oils like coconut oil,palm oil,palm kernel oil,saflower oil

Also mustard oil should be avoided if you have heart conditions

Olive oil is versatile, you can use extra virgin olive oil for salads, lower grades like pomace are economical for cooking. For healthy cooking with oils you also need to know the proper temperatures to avoid excessive absorption into the food and maximizing flavor.
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