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Question : I am 47 year old female. I donot have control over bowel motion. Some time stool leak out no sooner than I step down from bed.

In Details : This happens normaly in the morning.

2039 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Thanks for asking the question. You are suffering from bowel incontinence. Possible treatment options are

Diet: Avoid the foods that cause diarrhea or constipation and remove from your diet. This will surely normalize and regulate bowl movements. Also you can consult your doctor for an increase in fluids and fiber.

Medications: For your diarrhea like symptoms antidiarrheal medications may be prescribed to thicken stools.

Bowel Retraining: Following a bowel retraining routine can encourage normal bowel movements. Aspects of this routine may include:

sitting on the toilet on a regular schedule
stimulating the sphincter muscles with a lubricated finger
using suppositories to stimulate bowel movements

Kegel Exercises
Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises involve a routine of repeatedly contracting the muscles that are used when going to the bathroom. You should consult a doctor to learn the correct way to do the exercises.

Biofeedback is an alternative medical technique. With it, you learn to use your mind to control your bodily functions with the help of sensors. If you have bowel incontinence, biofeedback will help you learn how to control and strengthen your sphincter muscles. Sensors are placed in your anus and on your abdomen. Your doctor will then ask you to contract the sphincter muscles. The muscle contractions are visually displayed as a graph on a computer screen so you can observe the strength of the muscle movements. By watching the graph (the feedback), you learn how to improve rectal muscle control (the bio).

Surgical treatment is generally reserved for severe cases of bowel incontinence. There are several surgical options available.

Sphincteroplasty: A defective or scarred portion of the sphincter is removed, and the healthy part of the muscle is tightened.
Gracilis muscle transplant: The gracilis muscle is transferred from the thigh and placed around the sphincter muscles to add strength and support.
Artificial sphincter: An artificial sphincter is a silicone ring that is implanted in the anus. You manually deflate the artificial sphincter to allow for defecation and inflate it to close the anus, which prevents the leakage of feces.
Colostomy: Some people who have severe bowel incontinence choose to undergo surgery for a colostomy. During a colostomy surgery, the surgeon redirects the end of the large intestine to pass through the abdominal wall. A disposable bag is attached to the stoma (the portion of the intestine that is visible on the outside of the abdomen). After the surgery is complete, stools no longer pass through the anus but instead empty from the stoma into a disposable bag.

Please consult a physician or a gastroenterologist to get yourself treated.
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