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Question : I have just started developing xanthelasma on my left eyelid corner - How to get rid of it & stop its growth further....?

In Details : My lipid profile test is as follows :- Total Cholesterol 229 mg/dl (normal) HDL 44; LDL 134 ; VLDL 51; Triglycerides 255 No blood sugar - Weight 78 KG, Height 5ft 8in. Age 38 yrs - Sedentary lifestyle. How to stop the scar / xanthelasma on my eyelid from developing further & cure it - Please help what medicine should I take / apply - Thanx

2029 days ago       1 Answer(s)

Thanks for the question. A little intro before we come to solution. Xanthelasma are deposits of cholesterol and lipids under the skin’s surface in the eyelid area characterized by yellowish-brown areas that are soft, flat and elliptical in shape. The lesions are symmetrical and bilateral and tend to increase in number and size. Xanthelasma are permanent and are benign lesions that usually have no symptoms but are cosmetically unappealing. They typically appear after the age of 40 but are sometimes apparent even in teenagers. They usually occur in the inner canthus area (on the eyelids, upper and lower, nearest the nose). The yellowish plaques represent lipids and cholesterol under the skin. These may be hereditary and genetic but in about 50-60% of patients there is high cholesterol and/or other lipids such as triglycerides.

Removal Options: Available treatments to remove xanthelasma include chemical (trichloroacetic acid) treatment, freezing with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy), surgical removal and pulsed CO2 or argon laser treatment to remove the xanthelasma. Some xanthelasma recur after removal. Pulsed CO2 laser removal offers accuracy and removes the lesion with little or no scarring and little or no pigmentation effect.

Without lifestyle changes: lose weight, choose better food, good supplements, they will likely return. Take, FISH, POULTRY, FRESH VEGETABLES, FRESH FRUITS, WHOLE GRAINS, NON-FAT and LOW FAT DAIRY. Plus eliminate or strongly limit fats, red meats, processed foods and white foods like White Flour, White Sugar, White Potatoes, White Rice, etc. Eat as much as you want of good foods, eliminate the junk.

Niacin is a very effective remedy to lower cholesterol as well.

Another wonder drug is known to cure xanthelasma is garlic. Garlic is the most popular home made remedy on Earth to cure a xanthelasma . Apply the juice of fresh garlic directly to the xanthelasma spots and see if it works for you. Be careful in applying as after application there will be a burning sensation, but it is effective. If it works for you, you will save a lot of money of cosmetic intervention, as I doubt whether your health insurance will cover this treatment cost, as it is more cosmetic repair than medical in nature.

Hope the answer helps.
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