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Question : I am having less Sleep. How to cure it?

In Details : I am sleeping less than I should and sometimes I stay awake at bed for long time not being able to sleep. I am becoming tired and stressed. Please help

2124 days ago       1 Answer(s)

You have to improve your sleep hygiene. Keep regular and same bed & wakening time including weekends. Do not watch horror, action TV serials or movies before bedtime. Make a regular, relaxing bedtime routine, take a warm bath or shower, listen to cool and gentle music like classical or whatever suits you, use aromatherapy candles in bedroom. Sleep in dark, quiet, cool room with comfortable mattress & pillows and use bedroom only for sleep & sex. Put work materials, computers, & TVs outside bedroom in the living room. Drink some warm milk before bed and spread some Lavender oil in bath and on pillow.

Also see if you are undergoing any work related or other stressful situations, if so avoid them at all circumstances.
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