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Question : How to fight Cholesterol buildup?

In Details : How to fight Cholesterol buildup? How can we reduce it? I have heard that Niacin supplement helps to curb cholesterol

1956 days ago       1 Answer(s)

To fight cholesterol buildup start exercising right away. Exercising like walking, jogging, running, light weight training all helps you to loose cholesterol. Eat low fat diet, and diet rich in Essential fatty acids, like fish. Have less oil in food and choose healthy oil like Olive Oil.

Niacin, a B vitamin, in high doses (1-2) grams a day has a positive impact on the lipid profile. Early studies done with niacin in men with heart disease showed no mortality benefit but secondary outcomes reduced recurrent MI. It has been shown to reduce plaque buildup when combined with bile acid binding resins. Recent studies in well treated patients have been neutral, with side effect concerns. If you need to use Niacin to lower treat cholesterol , it should be under the care of a health care provider and an experienced cardiologist. Don`t try this at home without proper care and guidance.
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