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* What is MeetPhysicians?
MeetPhysicians is the most comprehensive Healthcare Portal. Here you can search for doctors and book online appointments, get answers from reputed physicians about your medical problems anonymously, maintain and store your own medical records, and a lot of other features.
* How do I start using this site?
Register FREE with this site and you are ready to use this site.
* How do I Post Videos?
You can upload videos in Youtube and other video sharing sites and can copy the links from there and store it here so that you can watch the videos any time.
* How to I advertise on Meetphysicians?
If you are interested to advertise with Meetphysicians use the online form by clicking Advertise with Us.
* How do I report Abuse, Scam, Illegal content?
Go to Contact Us and send an email to us and we will take care of the issue immediately.
* I have forgot my User name and password? How do I retrieve it?
On the main page of Meetphysicians.com you have an option for forgot username and password. Use it and your details will be emailed to you immediately.
* How do I change Password?
On the left side panel of your profile home page there is an option to change password.
* How do I contact you?
Use the contact us page and your message will be emailed to us instantly and we will reply back to you ASAP.
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